4 Customer Service Tips When On The Phone

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Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

In this article I will explain to you some best practices when answering incoming calls from clients inquiring about your service. Lets get right into it.


When someone calls your company, I think you should ALWAYS answer the phone enthusiastically. In my opinion there’s nothing worst than being a customer and calling a company that your interested in doing business with and the person answering the phone has a bad attitude or sounds monotone. In my experience in answering incoming calls, when I answered the phone enthusiastically, the customer sounds more excited and sets the tone for the entire conversation. When I answered the phone monotone or not excited, the customer reflects that same tone and often is harder to convince them to use the service. Try it for yourself and you will see the difference.


I believe its a lost art in this day an age to respect the customer and show appreciating for their call. When I’m in the phone with a potential customer I always address them by their name and answer yes and no questions with “yes sir” and “no sir”.  I have interacted with some companies that address me by sir and others don’t. Companies that value this small gesture are not caught up in their ego and make customers feel important no matter how troublesome the customer is. In the game of customer service and sales its important that you realize this one point: If you can make the customer feel good and important its much easier to get the sale.


When you’re on the phone with a client and they are talking, do not talk over them just to get your point across. ALWAYS let the client finish what they’re saying before you make your point. If you consider yourself a person that likes to talk alot then you have to make sure that the potential customer is doing the most talking because you want to collect as much data as to what they need and why they need your service. I made the mistake in the past of talking over clients when I needed to clarify something about myself or my company. If you’re clients are saying things like “Can I finish what I’m saying?”, “Can you let me talk?”, “If you let me finish then I’ll tell you..”, then in my opinion you may want to heed what they’re saying.


I think its a must to always include a little humor when talking to every potential customer, especially new clients. Humor does not include, making fun of the client you’re on the phone with or your co-workers. Humor also does not include anything involving religion, sex or race. I think you get my point. Also this whole “How’s the weather?” thing is boring and overdone. Be original.  I remember being on the phone with a customer service representative and when I was asking questions about the service, they came off kind of strong and their tone was rude and offensive then a minute later they asked me “Hows the weather?”. I was thinking, “Seriously?, That’s how you break the tension?  But anyway, I think you need to be be a little entertaining to loosen the person up and believe it or not, people may end up using your service because they like you, not because you have the lowest price, or the biggest brand.

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