4 Hot Trends in Mobile App Development

Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

This year the technology sector has seen massive growth in app development. The mobile app sector is at an all-time high due to the ever-increasing number of smartphone users.  Hence, one of the most rapidly growing areas in technology today are the apps for mobile devices.  Users are downloading apps are the rate of over 179 billion per year for their mobile devices.

In mobile app development, there may be many changes taking place at a rapid speed, but one thing that remains the top priority is the user experience.  Here we have the latest hot trends in Mobile Apps.

  1. Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are the future.

The demand for wearable devices will increase the production of apps.  That is the prediction.  Also, to link them together, there will be a user-friendly link-up between the wearable devices and apps on smartphones for greater usability.


Apple Watch

  1. Mobile Commerce

There are new secure payment options underway for Mobile Commerce customers.

With the rise of apps like Amazon, Ebay, and Aliexpress, Mobile commerce is already gaining popularity. Mobile commerce apps equipped with wearable devices and secure payment options like Apple pay, Samsung pay and Google Wallet, which use near-field communication (NFC) technology.  It presents a bright future for the mobile commerce industry.


  1. Cloud Computing apps

Many businesses are now making a shift towards cloud computing apps due to its simpler and dependable usability. In cloud computing, apps run on servers instead of devices, but demonstrate the same performance as native apps. Thus, this is a great way for organizations to save data space and create cross-platform apps that can be opened and run on any device.


  1. Internet Of Things Apps

IoT is the latest innovation in the mobile app development. Smart Home, Smart City, Connected are just a few of the amazing apps coming soon.  From driving to healthcare, mobile app usage will soon be a part of every aspect of our lives. Right now, Google has created a self-driving car which is a great example of IoT development.

Google’s Self-Driving Car 




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