5 Serious Problems Seen On Your Website

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Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

If you are an entrepreneur with a website, after you read this article it will change the rest of your life. This article is just me sharing my experience on how the major problems seen on websites and how I can help you make your website better so lets get right into it.


Non Responsive Menus

Have you tested how your site looks on a mobile screen? Honestly, have you asked friends, family or customers to go to your website using your mobile phone? If not, you need to and heres why? If your website is formatted the same way it does on a desktop then its not mobile responsive. If the customer goes on your website and has to squint their eyes to view the menu on your website that’s a problem. Take a look at a screenshot below of a website that’s view on an iPhone.

As you can see, if the person is using a smart phone, they have to zoom into the website menu to find what they’re looking for. You definitely want your website’s menu to be a simple, collapse button with an expanding menu as seen in the screenshot of one of our clients below:

This is easier for the client to expand and collapse the menu as they please. The menu is also easy to read on a mobile screen.

Outdated Copyright

Take a look at the very bottom of your website. Do you have a copyright section or a year the specifies if your company is still doing business this year? A major problem I see is if its the year 2017 and your website says “© Company Name 1999- 2000”, it looks like you haven’t updated your website and it may have outdated content. Its more than likely not a good look to the visitor.

Contact Us

Nothing says “I don’t care about our company website” when I go to your contact page and there is an old phone number no longer in use, broken links that don’t take you to where you want to go and a contact form that doesn’t even work. Please people, make sure you test your site and make sure your social media icons successfully link to your social media pages. Please make sure you test your contact forms to see if you receive and email after the information is filled. Double check your entire website to make sure you have the correct phone numbers. You will lose customers quick if they don’t get in touch with you easily. By the way if you want to rank higher on search results, Google will lower the ranking of your website in search results if you have broken links on your website.

Email Address

Unfortunately there are still people out there who want to place their email address directly on their website. Please DO NOT  do this. In this day and age, there are people who use automated programs to go through each page on your website and search for email addresses published directly on the page. These spammers will collect email addresses and send you unsolicited or possibly hazardous links send in an email. So please use contact forms that users can enter their information and verify they are not a spammer before submitting a form.  This verification is called reCAPTCHA by Google.

Low Quality Images

I’m sure we all can agree that having a ton of low quality images on your site compared to a website that has high resolution images will make your site look cheap. The appearance of your website images are essential. Believe it or not, people are attracted to things that look good. This applies to cars, clothes, people and houses. The same applies when a visitor hits your site. You want them to be impressed with the quality of your website and the time you took to get high resolution photos on your website. Don’t have a photographer? You can buy stock photos and stock footage to improve the quality of your website.

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