Advantages of a Bus Company Website

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Here are the benefits, features and advantages of having a bus company website that will allow you to gain more customers, and grow your business.

Online Scheduling

A great advantage of having a website for our bus company and to outdo your competitor is to have online scheduling built into your website. If you provide a service where you’re picking up people but have to manually schedule times for pickup and drop off, you can drastically reduce that tedious task by allowing the customer to login, create an account and input the desired pickup and drop off times and the amount of passengers. This will eliminate the need to take calls on the job and save costs on hiring someone for this task. The Academy Charter Bus in Baltimore does something like this. Please see 4 Customer Service Tips When You’re On The Phone for great info on handling customers who do call in for service.

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Your Bus Company Fleet

If you want to establish credibility in the marketplace you want to make sure you have a page dedicated to giving information on your fleet of vehicles. Your customers want to know if your vehicles, fit the amount of people they’re bringing and the amenities (i.e. flat screen tv’s, wifi, power outlets etc…). A great way of boosting sales and getting more engagement to your website is to include a professionally recorded video of the interior of your vehicles so that the customer can get a better idea of whether your vehicles are a best fit without visiting in person.

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A great feature you can include that will boost sales and make your customer’s life easier would be to include a feature on your website for booking tickets to events directly on your site. If there is an event you’re taking a bunch of people to and the people from the event are not taking online registration payments, you can also provide that service to the customer and the organization planning the event. Another idea you could also charge the organization a certain percentage of the sales if they use your website for ticket registration. You can specify event names, times, prices and people attending.

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