Advantages of a Cleaning Business Website

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Attention all professional cleaning services! For those of you who are looking to either improve your current website to increase conversions or starting the business to gain your first set of customers with a new website here are some tips and some advantages of a cleaning business website. Lets get right to it.

Automated Scheduling

A great way of allowing technology to handle the hard stuff in your business is a function on your site where the customer can book an cleaning appointment online. The benefit would be for them to login, create an account, book a time slot that’s open to your company or a time most convenient for the customer, enter their location, what service they need and pay online. This saves you 10’s of thousands of dollars. Why? Because instead of a full time employee scheduling appointments and taking payments manually, the website has all those features built in. The customer receives an email notification after payment, and the company gets the customer contact information, services needed and payment for the service. An example of that would be the Handy website.


Automated Hiring

Another great way of allowing technology to handle your hiring process is to allow the website to assign a cleaning professional in your company to a customer through an email notification. For example, if you have an employee name John in your organization that only works in a specified area and the customer from a particular area or zip code requests for service, then John will receive a notification of service and perform the service. You could also scale the website up as business increases and have people subscriptions to be members on your site to be assigned jobs in their area.


Live Chat

If you want to greatly increase sales and take your customer service to another level you can have a live chat feature built into your website. Customers love being able to reach someone right away via phone, text or live chat. They will love the live feature. If the customer is shopping around for services and they can’t reach anyone it can get frustrating. When they hit your website and they are able to talk to someone on the phone or through live chat, you have a higher chance of getting a sale. Heres some customer service tips when you’re on the phone.


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