Advantages of a Driving School Website

Driving School Website
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If you own or work for a driving school, this article will benefits your business. This article will explain the benefits of having a website for your driving school and how it can help increase enrollment, increase sales, streamline the company workflow and make happy clients. Lets get right into it.


One of the best benefits of a driving school website is the ability for your clients to view your scheduled and sign up for the available classes. You will have the ability to post the latest classes for the week or month and choose the times you instructors are available. The student can check the scheduled classes and choose the available time slots. This will increase enrollment because now a days, students are already accustomed to scheduling college courses, ordering pizza, and ordering items from Amazon online instead of constantly scheduling appointments by phone or email.


Another great feature of having a website for your driving school is the ability to process payments for classes directly on the website. Instead of only taking payments in person using cash, check or credit, students can go on the website at any time of the day to make a payment. This will not limit you to only taking payment on scheduled class days.


A great benefit that can be included is to be able to write articles on the site that will help students after they pass the course. This may include

  • Best places to get car insurance
  • Most affordable cars for new drivers
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • How to avoid accidents
  • Tips on obeying traffic laws
  • and more…

Student Portal

If you want to take your driving school website to a new level, having a special login feature, also known as a student portable is a great feature. The benefits of a student portal is to allow the student to login and view recent test results and upload and download required documents. This will dramatically improve the functionality of your website because an admin can login to the site and view all students enrolled in the courses and receive all documents directly from the portal.

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