Advantages Of Writing Articles On Your Website

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Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

It is proven among 100’s of thousands of websites that having a blog feature on your site that will allow you to write articles are extremely beneficial to your business. Don’t believe me? Let’s get right into why this is true.


Lets think about this. Have you ever searched for information on Google, Yahoo or Bing? More than likely we all have. What are you likely to find? An article of course. For example, if you’re searching on google for how to increase sales on your business, you’re more likely to see links to articles from other websites and their opinions on how to increase sales in your business. What they have done is gotten your attention, got you to read their content and attempted to make a sale based on whether the content was helpful. You can have the same opportunity to acquire customers who are searching online for information they need. If you consistently write articles that help people, you will not only bring more traffic to your site, but you will increase your chances of acquiring customers.

Customer Data

When you write content for your customers and site visitors, having a comment section after your articles are a great way to gather customer opinions and thoughts. Interacting with your clients and leads will allow you to get insight on what your customers think about your service, identify problems you can create new services for and learn where your company can improve. You can also have a better understanding of who your target market is, which in turn will avoid wasted money marketing to the wrong audience.


One of the main reasons why people don’t buy from you is because they don’t trust you. Here’s and example of why that may be true. Why do people choose name brand services, groceries, cars etc…? Most people choose the name brand because its trusted among a massive amount of people whether you bought the company or not. Consistently writing articles on your website will allow you to become the expert in your industry. If people find your articles helpful, they come back for more information. When your website visitors keep coming back for more information then they become familiar with your brand and logo. When they become familiar with your brand and logo, they not only buy from you but they also tell their friends and family about you.


Have you ever did research online and kept running into the same website for multiple pieces of information? That website is getting more visibility on search engines because they consistently put out helpful articles that people need. Search engines like google, yahoo and bing evaluate how many visitors are reading your articles, commenting and visiting. If there are alot of people who visit and read your articles, these search engines will rank you higher in search results giving you more visibility to market your services. Having more visibility online will allow you expand your business and reach a wider audience than your local area.

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