Advantages Of A Website For Attorneys

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This article goes out to all the attorney not matter if you’re in malpractice, personal injury, estate planning or bankruptcy, you’re client base will increase greatly by having a website. This article will give you some ideas on helpful website features and insight as to why its advantageous for your business and how it will help you outdo your competitors. Lets get right to it.


When prospects hit your website, they first want to know about the law firm and what you specialize in so you want to make sure you give the prospect peace of mind in knowing you have helped other large companies. What I mean by that is on your homepage you want to display the company logos of companies you have done business with. An example of that would be on the homepage of The Cochran Firm website. If a person who is on your homepage and wants to know how credible you are and they see that an industry leading company has used your service then you will have a higher chance of getting that client’s trust.

Attorney Locator

To really scale your law firm’s website to something that’s helpful for attorneys and clients is to have a feature on your website where the customers can choose an option to receive a consultation with an attorney in their area. It can involve the visitor entering their name, email, phone, location, and service desired and the website displaying who’s the best attorney in their area based on what they entered into the form. This will free up alot of administrative tasks of answering calls and emails to connect a prospect with the appropriate attorney.

Results and Verdicts

To build more customer trust, you can have a page dedicated to the results and testimonials of your clients and your most prized verdicts. When the visitor is on the website and they go to your verdicts page and see that you have help many other people in similar cases, you will be seen as a law firm that can definitely help the prospect. You can also show the world that you can handle the biggest court cases.

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