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Heyyy Professional Bakers, Cooks and Culinary Professionals. We know you are phenomenal at baking cakes. We know that one bite into a piece of cake you created will cause addiction. You should be able to benefit as many people as possible so I’m about to tell you some benefits of having a website for your cake business that will help you to get a delicious slice of market share. Lets get right to it.

Faster, Fun Process

Do you want your customers to have some fun and enjoy ordering cakes from your company? You can have a feature on your website where customers can register for an account and choose from pre-made cake designs your company created or upload their own designs so you can have a better idea of how they want their cake designed. This will automate and streamline your sales process because the customer can choose a design, customize the image on the cake, what they want the cake to say, the size of the cake, flavor, filling, frosting etc.. Then the customer can add to cart, check out using their credit card and all you’ll have to is either make the cake or answer any additional concerns they call for. If your company is willing to take it to another level you can offer local delivery and have a feature on your site where customers can put in their zip code and order delivery for parties, anniversaries, weddings and more. Then when you arrive to the event you can hand out business cards or other contact info. Uh Huh, You’re welcome.


Yes I understand that everyone in your area already knows you or maybe no one knows you but in order to be really successful you have to get known by as many people as possible. It also means you need a mechanism to get your name out to people in different areas. You can have a cake blog on your website where you can write articles about

  • Your latest cake recipes
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Creative cake designs
  • Mistakes
  • Leading Professionals in the industry
  • etc..

Constantly pushing these articles about your cake expertise will put you in a position to be a leader in the cake industry. You can have a Nutrition Blog section for healthy eaters as well. You will build credibility with people who run into your blog in different parts of the country or the world that may want to do business with you.

Returning Customers

You dont want just 1 sale do you? You want to be the company to make the customer’s birthday cakes and everyone of their family members as well. Imagine an entire family who wants to continue to do business with you if you have a form on your website where they can fill in their name and email address and never forget who your company is because you send a mass email saying Happy Birthday for each an every family member occasion. A mailing list form would look like something like this on your website:

The visitor can enter their name and email to opt in and receive email notifications from your company. You can also add a box for entering the customer’s birthday if you specialize in birthday cakes. The benefit in that would be every time their birthday approaches you’ll be sending some nice emails to reel them back to your website.

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