Advantages Of A Website For Your Massage Therapy Business

Massage Therapy Business Websites
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Are you a masseuse or masseur? Just the sound of the name speaks high class living with a glass of wine. Do you want to grow your brand, gain more visibility and get more customers? You don’t have to say anything I already know the answer. In this article I’m going to explain to you the advantages of having a website for your Massage Therapy business that might relax your muscles and put you at ease. Lets get right into it.

Increased Appointments

Surprisingly enough there are a lot of massage businesses that are only scheduling appointments via phone. I’m not saying anything is wrong with that but there’s a group of customers who don’t want to call anyone and would rather go to your website, learn about your company, do research then book an appointment on your website. You as a business owner want to make it as easy as possible for them. You can get increased appointments by giving the customers multiple options to book appointments just in case they cant make an appointment right there on the phone with you. They may be too busy and want to schedule online when they have time. This feature builds your credibility because it gives you the image that since you have an online scheduling feature it must mean you get a lot more customers who want the service.

Online Gifts

Another great way of getting and retaining revenue is an online store feature on your website where the customer can buy online gift cards , email it to their friends or family or redeem it in the store. As seen in the screenshot below, the customer can fill in the email, location, who its from then pay online. Typically with retail stores, after you purchase a gift card and the customer wants the money back, its treated as store credit which retains the revenue gained from the gift card sale.

Recurring Revenue

Do you want recurring revenue? Do you want more than just a one time sale for the massage you put so much energy into? I already know your answer. You can have a membership sign up feature on your site such that, if a customer pays a monthly fee, they received discount prices on your services and products. You can charge non-members regular prices to give them an incentive to become a member. The benefit to you is you can charge regular prices and get recurring revenue from regular customers.

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