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Benefits Of A Website For Your Church

Are you a ministry that wants to grow rapidly, spread the word to more people, help more people in your community, increase donations and become well known? If you are a church without a website, this article explains the benefits of having a website for your church and what you’re missing out on. Lets get […]

Benefits Of A Towing Company Website

In this article we will get right into the benefits of having a website for your Towing Company and how it will make your life easier and possibly increase sales. Let’s get right into it. Scheduling Imaging reducing the amount of email and phone calls you have to take by allow the customers to utilize […]

Benefits Of A Real Estate Investor Website

In this article, I will share with you the benefits of having a website for a real estate investors, no matter if you’re a rehabber, landlord, or real estate wholesaler. So lets get right into it. Perception No matter if you’re just starting your business, or if you’re a veteran, your online presentation is very […]

Avoid Wasting Time With A Broke Client

In this article, I want to share with you my experiences in sales, web development and entrepreneurship. I want to share something I learned that will help you save so much time when it comes to selling your product or service that involves you meeting with the client in-person. This article help you in finding […]

4 Customer Service Tips When On The Phone

In this article I will explain to you some best practices when answering incoming calls from clients inquiring about your service. Lets get right into it. Tone When someone calls your company, I think you should ALWAYS answer the phone enthusiastically. In my opinion there’s nothing worst than being a customer and calling a company […]