Avoid Wasting Time With A Broke Client

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Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

In this article, I want to share with you my experiences in sales, web development and entrepreneurship.

I want to share something I learned that will help you save so much time when it comes to selling your product or service that involves you meeting with the client in-person.

This article help you in finding out if your prospect has money to put down when you meet with them or if they are broke.

So here’s what happened to me:

I spent a few weeks following up with a client. It was an inbound call from my advertising. Typically when I’m talking to a client on the phone I find out what kind of website they need and how they want the site to be benefit their company. Also the first few questions they ask me is about price and how long does it take to build the website:

So I finally get an appointment with the client, The first mistake I think I made that I think you all can learn from was spending 2 hours in the meeting discussing the client’s needs and how the website and fulfill some of those needs before discussing price. In my opinion, time is money and you want to shorten the sales process as much as you can so that you can schedule more appointments per day. You actually don’t have to spend that much time in a meeting when you’re trying to sell your web development service because I’ve been in meetings and closed the deal in as little as 30 min.

So during the 2 hour meeting we were going through different website designs, ideas about the features she wants on the site and the client’s company goal with the website.

Toward the end of the meeting, I present the contract, and had the client read it over. When the client got to the section of the contract where it specified the payment(which as of right now I do half up-front and half after the site is finished) she stated that she didn’t have the 1st deposit to start.

So I basically wasted 30 min driving to the meeting, 2 hours in the meeting and another 30 min driving home.

So here’s my advice if you experienced something similar to this:

  • Give price over the phone before you meet. – this will gauge whether the client wants to pay your price. More than likely if they give you a really hard time about the price after you explain all the benefits, you either have not successfully sold them on the value they’re paying for or they are not your customer so you’ll have to make the decision whether you still want to follow up with them
  • Explain the payment structure over the phone before you schedule an in-person meeting. Explain to the client that when you meet with them that you’re procedure is $x amount of money is due for me to get started. You could say something like, “When we meet we can discuss all your needs, I will present how my service will benefit your company  and when we both finish brainstorming how to benefit your business then we can start with the first payment.

Asking these questions will do a few things:

  • It may cause the client to admit they dont have the money to start today
  • The client may either cancel the appointment or not want to make one with you at all

This will save you a lot of time for you to move on to the next prospect without wasting time meeting with an unqualified or broke prospect.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below on how you would handle this situation.

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