Benefits Of An Employee Database Lookup Form On Your Website

Employee Database Lookup Form
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This article may help you in making a fantastic upgrade to your company website and make the workflow that much easier. I will go into detail on why I think having a form on your website, where you can search and display employee data will help you retreive information in a new way. Lets get right into it.

Ease of Use

For this article we will use the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s website. As you can see, they have a dedicated page that will allow the user to choose the Profession, License Type then fill in the Last Name, First Name and License Number of the employee you are searching for. You can see a screenshot below:

So instead of your company saving employee information in spreadsheets, word documents, 3rd party services etc…, you can have a database for your website that will store all employee information and easily go a page on your site and search for a particular person. In the screenshot below, you will see example search results after the form was filled:

Now you can easily just choose from a list of employees shown in the search results by clicking on their name and viewing the full profile which can include their department, profession, license number and more…

Adding Records

A great feature you can add to your site is a form where you can fill in the employee information and it can be stored into the database to be searched and displayed when someone uses the search form mentioned above. For example, The HR department can go to a dedicated page where they can fill in a form with the employee first name, last name, license number and department. When the form is submitted, the data is store in the website’s database. Then a manager can go to another page that dedicated to just searching and displaying employee info. the manager can then fill in the first and last name of the employee and be able to see the corresponding employee’s license information.

These are just some of the great features that come with having an employee lookup form on your site to allow your company to organize staff info. Contact Us if you need our assistance with this. We are more than glad to help.

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