Benefits Of Having A Music Recording Studio Website

Music Recording Studio Website Development
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Hey Producers, Mixing Engineers, Song Writers, Composers, Keyboardist and Managers, Do you already have a music recording studio or looking to invest in one? Do you want to expand your brand and allow artists, bands, singers, rappers, musicians are more come to use your studio? Then you really need to know the benefits and helpful features included in having a recording studio website. This article will blow you away. Let get right into it.


Automate your scheduling process by allowing artists to schedule recording sessions directly on your website. You can have a feature on your website where the client can go to a booking page and see what rooms in your studio are available down to the day and times. This will ease alot of the manual work of emails, and phone calls to schedule a time for you client. You can also have a feature on your website where after the client schedules an available recording session, the website can send automated reminder emails when their recording session is approaching and/or ending. This is also a benefit of many radio station websites as well.


Build the credibility of your studio by displaying the work you’ve done. When people are searching online and hit your website, prospects want to know they’re working with the best studio and not a “hole in the wall”. You can include pages on your site that give information on the experience of your staff. For example you can have an Engineers page that displays the engineers who work in your studio and what artists they have worked with. This will not only build credibility with your studio but build credibility for your engineers. Also allowing a client to choose from one of your engineers will create more job opportunities.

Recurring Revenue

A possible service you can provide is to have a feature on your website to allow people to rent your studio equipment directly on your website. You can have an rental section of your website where clients can view what equipment is available, view the specs of each piece of equipment, look at reviews from other clients, hear a sample video from one of your engineers then allow them to process the rental payment all online including recurring payment. This will save your company time, automate the rental process, automate the payments and increase sales.

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