Benefits Of A Mortgage Broker Website

Mortgage Broker Website
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Hey! Hows it going and hello to all the mortgage brokers out there who’s looking to have an online presence and to take their branding to a new level. This article will explain the benefits of having a website for a mortgage broker. Lets chat!

Secure File Exchange

A tremendous benefit of having a website for a mortgage brokerage is the ease of file transfer. You can have a feature on your your site where your client can create an account, login and easily upload important loan documents into a website portal to make it easier for everyone to exchange documents. Some of these documents can include, pay stubs, credit reports, tax documents, and bank statements. So instead of emailing documents that may get lost, you can have a client portal feature on your site that will allow both you and the client to upload and download documents needed to close the deal.

Blogging/Writing Articles

If you want to become the expert in your industry, our professionals here at CodeHelp and many professionals for that matter suggest you give value to your target customers by writing articles and posting free and valuable content on social media that will help people. In turn people will be highly appreciative of all the content you give and will turn to your mortgage company for their next loan. Some examples of content you can post would be how to apply for your first loan, how to get approved for a mortgage, bank compliance etc…

Loan Progress

Homeowners will want to know the progress of their loan after the documents are submitted so a great feature you can have on your website would be a feature where you can login to the site and update the status of the loan and whether the loan is approved or declined. This makes the process easier because instead of missing phone calls or emails and the client not getting the updates, they can still login and receive a loan status update.

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