Benefits Of A Real Estate Investor Website

Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

In this article, I will share with you the benefits of having a website for a real estate investors, no matter if you’re a rehabber, landlord, or real estate wholesaler. So lets get right into it.


No matter if you’re just starting your business, or if you’re a veteran, your online presentation is very important. If you’re building a real estate investment company don’t have a very large company brand you need to have the perception of a successful company. Your website needs to be a high quality and up to modern website design standards, your website content needs to be up-to-date, there cannot be any broken links or pages and your contact information needs to be current. Believe it or not, customers look at these things and make a judgement call whether they want to do businesses with you.


If you’re a landlord, real estate investor or wholesaler, you will definitely increase sales by having you’re own website here’s why:

  • Listing your property on your OWN website – In order to get your brand more awareness you need to have you’re own website that customers can see your brand, learn about your company and be able to apply for your rental properties, inquire about your properties for sale or buy your wholesale properties under contract.
  • Lead Generation – You can give out free resources on your website like an ebook, or mini-course with your brand buy using a mailing list form that will allow you collect names and email addresses or email marketing campaigns.
  • Advertising – You can incorporate a blog on your real estate website where you can send out helpful emails to your growing email list and when your following becomes substantial, other real estate companies may want to advertise on your website.


As your business grows, and your real estate portfolio becomes larger, prospects, companies, current clients and returning clients have the ability to come back to your website and see latest news on how your company and your portfolio is growing. If you’re a landlord, house flipper or wholesaler, you can broadcast your acquisitions, closed deals and accomplishments on your website and share it on social media to gain more credibility and earn more trust from the masses. If you want to get into writing books you can sell your ebooks on Amazon and direct people back to your site for more products. If you want to get into public speaking

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