Benefits Of Donation Forms On Your Website

Donation Forms on Website
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You can dramatically improve the contributions to your non-profit, charity, church by adding a simple feature to your website that will allow the client to fill out a form and make a donation to your cause. Lets get right to it.


Instead of the customer going to any other website to make a donation, they go to your website, learn about the organization and make a donation through the website all in one visit. This makes the donation process for the client easy and much easier to donate multiple times. A sample donation form built by our company can been seen in the screen shot below:

It easily allows the customer to choose the donation amount, enter the first name and last name and donate directly on the site.


No more stress of restricting your organization to take donations in person or at special events. A donation form on your site will not only allow people to simultaneously go to your donation page and make a donation but also donate in person or over the phone. As of this writing, Paypal is the most common payment processors for clients to make a donation. Paypal will process the client’s credit card of deduct the donation amount from their Paypal account into yours.


Allowing the customer to enter their name and email address, will give you the marketing information needed for continued support. What I mean by that is, since you have the supporters name, phone number and email you can perform email campaigns when there are new events or new information you want your supporters to be informed about. If you really need to raise funds you can put on your selling shoes and cold call the list of people who have donated before and see if they would like to donate again. The email marketing and cold calling also works for potential supporters who are learning about your organization but are not quite ready to contribute.

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