The Benefits of Product Labels For Your Online Store  

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Attention entrepreneurs, online retailers, wholesalers and/or online store owners. We know you’re making money. We love your products and want to keep buying them. As a consumer, we also want to get some insight on the products we are buying to ensure the company is credible. This article will explain the benefits of having product labels on your products when selling them on your online store. Let’s get busy.


Lets get into an example: Lets say you’re an online store that sells almonds and peanuts to people who are highly addicted to nuts. You already know they love peanuts, but when they take a bite into a snack they love, what logo do you want them to fall in love with as well? YOURS! You want to be in the customer’s subconscious mind to refer back to your logo when they have an urge for those delicious peanuts. We as humans have nostalgia and create a long term emotional connection if we’ve been eating from a brand that we consider produces delicious products.

Additional Income

Another option you can look into is to not only have product labels for your own products but you can sell your product labels to your customers for further branding. Here are some example industries that can bring in additional income from selling their product labels:

  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare companies
  • Automotive companies
  • Retail Companies
  • Restaurants

So how can you make money?

If you have existing customers who already loves your product, you can sell them bumper stickers, and decals to put on their car bumper and windows. Doing that will allow the customer to show off the company they are proud to do business with and give you free advertising every time they start their engines.

Nutrition Facts

You are going to get customers on your website that don’t care about the nutrition facts but you need to be able to get the sale from people who do look at nutrition facts. If you are selling food products on your site, there are people who hate, (like myself lol) high fructose corn syrup, alot of sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodium, every color dye in the rainbow etc. So you want to make sure that you always include multiple images of each product and one of the images should be the nutrition facts like seen below:

So now the customer will have assurance that your ingredients are what they’re comfortable eating and you as a business owner can lower your chances of mishaps when it comes to things like customer allergies, ingredients they dont like, or ingredients they are trying to stay away from. If you’re really serious about educating your customer you can have a Nutrition Blog section on your site where you can write articles about the nutritional benefits of your products.

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