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This article is dedicated to all the radio stations, staff support, and listeners who support their favorite radio stations. This article will be very beneficial because I will go into detail about the benefits of having a website for your radio station and very useful features you can include in your website that will increase online visibility and satisfy your listeners. So let’s get right into it.


If you’re a radio station in this day in age you understand that a lot more people are going online to listen to radio compared to the old days of having a radio with a turn dial and an antenna. Even listeners who are in their car are moving towards listening to radio through their car speakers using mobile devices. At the time of this writing many people are using Google Play Music, IHeart Radio, Pandora and Sirius XM. Set up these are great services that utilize and internet or satellite connection. You can have a feature on your website where the visitor can listen to your radio show live at any time just by visiting your website. If you have multiple radio stations you can allow the visitor to choose the radio station directly on your website. This will allow you to expose your brand and keep the customer on your site longer so they can see other services event and offers you provide. At the time of this writing and example would be


Along with allowing the visitor to listen to your station live you can also provide a podcast that will allow them to listen to a recorded show at their leisure. You can record the audio and upload it as an archive. As of this writing you can use services like Soundcloud to upload your audio and embed the SoundCloud podcast to your web page. This will allow people on SoundCloud to listen to your podcast along with visitors who visit your site.


Not everyone is able to go to your site and listen to your podcast or live radio broadcast. They’ll be some visitors who may just want to read an article about the latest news regarding artist and upcoming music. You also want to accommodate your website two people with hearing loss who will enjoy reading articles. A great feature on your radio station website is to be able to log in at any time and post as many articles as you please. Depending on your audience you can write articles about upcoming concerts, albums, political issues, world events and more.

These are just some of the great features you can have on your radio station website. Here at CodeHelp we can build you many more features.

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