Benefits Of Selling Your Artwork On Your Website

Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

For all the aspiring artists out there who want their artwork seen around the world, this is the article for you. This article will go into detail on the benefits of selling your artwork on your website.


A great benefit of selling artwork on your website is company branding. When a customer visits your site, they will not only see your logo, company information, a page that explains who you are as an artist, an online store feature and mailing list. Instead of your product being on a someone else’s website and getting familiar their brand, they can go to your website and get familiar with your company website, logo and the web address.


Typically when a potential client becomes aware of your company and is interested in seeing more of your artwork, the client will want to know where your company website is. Here at CodeHelp, we suggest having these features on your site that will help you build credibility on your website:

  • Portfolio/Gallery Page – This page will let you show off your most prized artwork. A customer can click on the images and view slideshow of gallery images making your site more interactive.
  • Blog Page – Writing articles on the artwork you’ve created, industry trends, new ideas etc.. You can write about anything you want regarding the art industry but form your own opinion on different subjects to show your individuality.
  • Reviews – A great way to increase sales is to allow the customer to leave comments of each of your products and 1-5 star reviews. If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon you will see that products with a large amount of reviews and the highest rating tend to sell more.

Additional Marketing

With the use of your own site, you can direct the customer from social media to the website which will allow you to track where the inbound traffic is coming from. If your core audience is mostly coming from Facebook, you’ll be able to track visitors coming from Facebook using any link tracking service. You can also get your name out into the marketplace by displaying your website at events, youtube, business cards, contracts, email signatures etc…

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