Benefits Of A Towing Company Website

Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

In this article we will get right into the benefits of having a website for your Towing Company and how it will make your life easier and possibly increase sales. Let’s get right into it.


Imaging reducing the amount of email and phone calls you have to take by allow the customers to utilize technology. What I mean by that is, you can have a feature on your site where the customer can schedule appointments directly on the site. You can stream line the appointment process by allowing the customer to choose the day they need towing or choose from open slots on your available days, choose a day and time and both parties receive an email notification of the appointment. This saves time because instead of playing phone tag by asking the customer “What day are you available?” and them asking you the same thing, let the website handle that.


A good way of increasing sales on your website is to have a page on your site that allows the customer to leave reviews and testimonials directly on the site. The customer can fill in a form with their name, email, phone and a message giving a review of your service. The benefit is, you as a business owner can collect emails for email marketing, you can stay in contact with the client for repeat business and new clients see the reviews and gives them assurance you can do the job.


You can dramatically increase sales by allow the customer to make payments directly on your company website. After the job is finished, you can take payment using you mobile card reader or the client can pay directly on the site by entering in their credit card, or using a third party payment processor. As of this writing, Paypal is a popular payment processor to integrate into your site and take payments online.


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