Benefits Of A Website For Accountants and Finance Pros

Website Development for Accountants
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Attention accountants, CPA’s, bookkeepers, financial professionals and more. Do you want to be able to serve and satisfy more clients, automate your workflow, organize your data and more? This article will share helpful ideas and explain the benefits of a website if you are an accountant or any finance professional in the service industry. Lets get into it.

Ease of Job Duties

One of the responsibilities when serving clients in the finance industry is to be able to prepare documents regarding your client’s assets, liabilities and financial transactions. You can have a feature built into your website where the client can create an account and where the site administrator or the client can upload important financial documents to a secure customer portal instead of emailing .pdf or word documents via email. You can also have the client enter custom financial data as part of their profile (i.e. net worth, salary, total liabilities/assets etc.. for a quick reference) This will the accountant and customer alot more time if the client can easily download and upload important documents and enter the needed financial data as part of their user profile.


Make it easy for your clients to pay you. You can have a invoicing feature on your site where if you want to collect payments on your website you can use a payment processor of your choice like Paypal or your local bank’s payment processor that can be added to the site. The client can login to their account, see what payment is due and pay directly on the website without the use of sending an invoice outside of the website. In this day and age just about everyone uses a credit/debit card to shop online, pay for services at the store, or pay bills online. The ability for the client to see what payment is due and pay will help streamline your payments.

Website Traffic

A great way of building credibility for your clients and to bring traffic to your site is to publish articles on your website. You may or may not have time to do it but the reason why writing articles on your website will bring you traffic is because as your write more articles, your clients will see the value in the information you publish and will want to come back for more content. If you share your articles on social media and your showing it to people who either need your service or are in the finance industry, people will be interested and go to your website to read more articles. Here are some blog topics you can write about:

  • 5 Reasons You Should Hire A CPA
  • 3 ways you can easily prepare your balance sheet
  • The top investments for this month, year etc..
  • Long term benefits of hiring an accountant
  • etc…

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