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Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

Are you a ministry that wants to grow rapidly, spread the word to more people, help more people in your community, increase donations and become well known? If you are a church without a website, this article explains the benefits of having a website for your church and what you’re missing out on. Lets get right to it.


There is no doubt that in this day and age, there are more people who are going online and doing a Google search to find a church home. If you are a new church in this information age and you do not have a website or social media, then you are more than likely trying to grow your ministry using word of mouth or old marketing methods that do not utilize technology. Avoiding technology is not going to help you. You’re visitors who find you online will increase if you embrace an online presence.


Based on our experience at CodeHelp, we have built websites for ministries and highly suggest that you have a feature on your site that will allow you to process donation payments. This would involve having a form on one of your page that allow your members to choose the amount they would like to donate, name, phone and credit card info. This will greatly increase donations if members can make donations anywhere at anytime by going to the church donation page. Collecting names, phone numbers and emails will allow you to keep track of how much was given, who gave the donation, and who gives the most and least frequent.

Live Streaming

If you are a ministry that not only wants to help your community but also to help the entire county or better yet the entire world, then live streaming or allowing church members to play recorded sermons online is the way to go. If you have a feature on your site where your members and supporters across the world can tune-in to your church on any given day, your ministry’s growth can be exponential. Allowing supporters to re watch recorded sermons will maintain engagement, build a loyal following, and change lives across the world.

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