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Advantages of a Cleaning Business Website

Attention all professional cleaning services! For those of you who are looking to either improve your current website to increase conversions or starting the business to gain your first set of customers with a new website here are some tips…
Massage Therapy Business Websites
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Advantages Of A Website For Your Massage Therapy Business

Are you a masseuse or masseur? Just the sound of the name speaks high class living with a glass of wine. Do you want to grow your brand, gain more visibility and get more customers? You don't have to say anything I already know the answer.…
Man on the phone

4 Customer Service Tips When On The Phone

In this article I will explain to you some best practices when answering incoming calls from clients inquiring about your service. Lets get right into it. Tone When someone calls your company, I think you should ALWAYS answer the phone enthusiastically.…