How To Generate Traffic On Facebook On a Small Budget

Category: Written By: Demetrius Sullivan

Facebook, among all other social media platforms, is one of the leading online social networking sites that connect people faster than you can imagine! You can find just about anyone or anything on Facebook as long as they are recorded in its database. But here’s the amazing part- Facebook can also serve as a platform where businesses, trades, advertising, blogging and so on can thrive beyond miles!

All you have to do is register and open an account or open a business page or even a group page. Quite simple! However, simple as it is, for business, advertising, blogging or vlogging and so on, to ensure that your products gain massive views and publicity, there are some pros and cons to following. They usually appear to cost a lot of money, but that is not entirely true. No sir. You can boost traffic on your Facebook page with a small budget by following these tips!

Make Your Images Attractive

Do you know that Facebook posts with pictures get about 120% attention than posts without pictures? To get more likes, views, comments, click-throughs, make your pictures large, attractive, visually appealing and colorful. Do this, and you would be a magnet for views.

Host Contests On Your Page

Everybody loves to win! Once in a while, give your page a weekly or biweekly contest with nice prizes to be won! These prizes do not have to be extremely expensive but nice and presentable. By giving your followers these contests to look forward to every week or two, the traffic would build up in no time!

Do Weekly Updates and Wrap-Ups

You can make a compilation of your best and most interesting posts in a week and present them again in a singular post, engaging your followers with the information and events that happened on your page during the week. Make this post friendly and attractive. Also, you could remind them of the prizes up for your contest here to build anticipation.

Share Links and Handles to Your Items

If you want to increase the clicks on your Facebook page for business such as online retail, blogging, vlogging and so on, always remember to share the links to these products. You may not have to directly post them on Facebook, but you could share the links for people to access your items on any other social networking site they may be, such as YouTube.

Include a Short Blog Video!

Yes. This is equally a nice strategy. Not only would it save you the stress of describing your products with words, but it also gives your followers a chance to see your products. Present the video in an attractive and visually clean way and ensure that the audio is clear, audible and relevant to the post. Follow these steps and watch your Facebook page become the first stop for your followers and other people!

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