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SEO Optimization is a web integrated service which is used to increase targeted traffic to a website. When it comes to SEO, it entails making search engine result in a relevant subject to the search query which triggers people to click the result when it is shown. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it helps you to increase the rate at which your site is accessible to a search engine and gives your website all the chances of getting found on a search engine. The process of SEO is commonly practiced by webmasters and web content writers which helps them to achieve a better ranking in the search engine.

There are great ways to optimize a website for search engine result one of which is Article Marketing. One great way to monetize and spread your business is to put the word out in form of an article, when you write, keep your content factual and very informative work towards the most search keywords in your business brand. As mentioned “Keyword” is a great way to optimize your website and most especially its content.


Search Engine Keywords are words and phrases available in your website content, which has given individuals the absolute possibility to find your website via search engines. A well-optimized website has the same key languages as a potential visitor, based on keywords for Search engine optimization which helps to connects the visitors to your site with the keyword. Keywords play a big role in search engine optimization.

For you to be able to optimize your website, you need to think like the visitors, you need to know what is searched for. To have search engines index your website content, you have to implement Search Engine Optimization keywords to increase the visibility of your website to rank above its competitors.

As a brand, how can I improve my search engine rankings? Here are 3 Basic Tips on how to increase your search engine rankings

  • Tags: Tags can also be referred to as keywords, correct use of your keywords plays a big role in helping your search engine rankings. The main title of the content at the top of your page must include your main keyword.
  • Meta Description: Meta Description contains your website description which will be displayed on the search result page. Your description must be rich in keywords to help your search engine ranking and also make sure it is convincing in other to compel possible clients to click on your website.
  • Image Alt Tag: This is an essential aspect of search engine monetization. Search engines are unable to view your picture neither know what it is all about, but the correct use of the image Alt Tag which will contain your keyword as the name of the picture will increase chances of your website ranking for that particular keyword used. For SEO purposes, placing pictures inside your content is an excellent way of provoking the search engine to index your content.
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