Google Play Store vs the Apple App Store

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The two largest competing app stores are Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.  Both of these companies are huge in the app industry.  They both have millions of apps and, therefore, millions of users, i.e., consumers. Although they both offer consumers a gateway to download apps, music, movies, and more, they are frequently compared.  Android vs iOS, for starters. But, when it comes to deciding the best place to launch your app, which one do you select?

The Launch

Both stores were launched in 2008 although Google’s Play Store was formerly called Android Market.  During its launch, App Store featured 500 apps; the number has now reached to 2.2 million apps.  The total number of apps on Google’s Play Store today is 2.7 million.

User Demographic

Both App Store and Play Store cater to a slightly different user demographic.  The main reason for this is the fact that Apple products come with a sizable price tag, while Android products can be purchased at a fraction of that price. Android OS is used in different brands of Smart devices, while Apple’s iOS is only for Apple products.  Also, Apple users spend more in their app store as compared to Android users. Because of the affordability, many users are using Android devices and, hence, more and more apps are created to cater to these users. A plus side of Apple’s products is the consumer loyalty. Apple customers are more loyal to the brand and are less likely to switch to Android as compared to Android users.

Developer’s Perspective

If you are developer looking to monetize your app, the App Store is the right place for you.  App Store might be a better option for developers as it offers more opportunities to generate revenue there. While the App Store and Play Store have the same revenue sharing percentage of 70%, the competition is fierce on Google Play Store.

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