Tips To Improve Your Home Building Company Website

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This article is dedicated to all the home and commercial renovators, general contractors, sub contractors who build properties from the ground up. Here are some awesome tips on how to improve your building company website and tips if your company is looking for a new site.

Featured Listings

If you’re a building company that buys and sells the properties you build you can increase the chances of a sale by creating a featured listing of your property on the homepage of your site. If you have customer who visits your site on a regular basis, they will see the featured property for sale and click on the listing for more details. This is also a great benefit for a Real Estate investor website.

building company website featured icon

Property Listings

In addition to using the MLS to list your properties, you can continue to brand your own company by displaying properties and possibility of selling your own properties by listing them directly on your website. So for the people who regularly go to your homepage, they can go to your search bar, type in their area and see your properties listed in their area. The customer can then get property detail information, bedrooms, bathrooms, applications and more.

building company website bedroom image

Project Gallery

Customers who don’t know your company want to see the work you do before they choose you. They want to know if you have experience doing the work they requested so you can have a page on your site for displaying images of completed projects to show off your best work. The page can be in a thumbnail gallery format where the customer can click on a thumbnail and see a larger version of the image. See the screenshot below:

building company website thumbnail gallery

This will make the customer feel more comfortable with using your service after they see what was done. When it comes to selling your service to a prospect, seeing is believing. Dont tell them what you can do, show them.

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