Instagram Marketing Quick Tips You Need To Know

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One of the most popular social media platforms being used all over the world is Instagram.  This makes it one of the fastest ways to promote your business. Businesses introduced new products by using Instagram marketing to create brand awareness. 70% of Instagram users are utilizing the platform to look up brands. Hence, Instagram can almost guarantee your success because it has so much exposure each day.

To guarantee success with Instagram marketing, here are some quick tips:

Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has many free tools for business account users.  Once your account is setup, you will have access to tools like Instagram Insights which extracts simple statistics for evaluating Instagram marketing efforts.  You can pull useful information about your followers such as when they log into Instagram, and the posts they like most. This is pivotal information for your product marketing campaign on Instagram.

Use Other Social Media Platforms For Promotion

You can use cross-platform marketing by posting about your brand on social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.  HootSuite is a tool that can be used to share content on different social media channels among many others.


As others notice your postings, they will began to follow you on Instagram.  It is very likely they will comment on your brands posts. It is essential to make dialogue and engage with your followers.  When someone comments on your post, you should take time to reply back to them. Hence, the followers will know of your interest in them when you respond. Thus, by your reply, they will also know you value their opinion. By requiring your followers to tag friends, you can also increase engagement. This way your content will be visible to a larger audience.

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