Tips for a Fashion Designer Website

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Welcome all fashion designers and creative individuals! Do you have a love for elegance, appearance and sophistication? In this article we will give you some tips on the benefits of having or improving your fashion designer website to help you achieve the look like the successful companies such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Versace and more. Lets get right into it.

Menu Organization

A tip that can help you increase sales on your designer website is to make sure your menus are organized in based on the customer point of view. For example, if your website has a menu tab for dresses, then you should have a sub menu for the different types of dresses on your website. See the screenshot below for an example:

Submenu Dresses Online Ecommerce Store

Customers can quickly make a purchase on your website if they know to easily navigate to the dresses menu, then click Gowns if they want a gown. Confusing and cumbersome websites decrease sales and cause customers to leave the website.


Want to catch someones attention? Do you want to get higher visitor engagement when someone sees your homepage? Plan out high quality video that tells your company story, a fun photo shoot or customer testimonials for credibility. Adding a video to your homepage will cause people to be more excited to be on your website, lure them to your product category pages and possibly leave an impression for return sales.


Instant Result Search

In the world of everyone Googling everything, you notice how as you’re typing some words, google will display frequently searched keywords and phrases to help speed up your search? A very beneficial feature you can have on your fashion designer website is an instant results search feature. As the customer is typing something into the search box, similar keywords display under the search box to help the person with ideas on what they may or may not be searching for. This is also a great feature  and an advantage for a online shoe business. See below for an example:


This feature will allow you to increase sales by not only giving the customers additional ideas on what they can search for but to help them possibly find what they want to find.

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